Story Walk: winter

Story Walk: "winter"

Rochester Memory by Elizabeth G. McGee


That is what I remember when I think of Rochester, the color, White. Winter white, that is.....I was taking the train home from college at Christmas during my freshman year and it stopped in Rochester. Looking out the window I saw people emerge from the train and move into whiteness. The sky, the air, the ground. No sign of civilization, no colors to be seen, nothing visible, except whiteness. Of course, at that time, I never imagined that I would be living in Rochester for thirty years. In 1977, the year that Rochester had two blizzards, my youngest child was born. Whiteness everywhere as I anxiously watched my young daughter trudging down the street from the bus in a swirl of white. In 1991, the Ice Storm. It's crackling beauty caoted tress, wires, bushes, roads, and brought people together to survive the elements. It reminded us all of the goodness of Rochesterians in the face of beautiful disaster.

With the change of seasons White transforms itself to Gray. Gray clouds, gary sky, gray earth when the rains of Fall and Spring appear. And the gray "flood mud"--when creeks adn rivers overflow their banks from a surfeit of water. Gray vestiges of snow in gutters, cul-de-sacs, and parking lots. Will Spring every come?

Then, Rochester bursts into lilacs, red tulips, yellow daffodils, purple iris, hyacinths, when blue skies appear and all of Rochester revels in blue skies and sunshine. Gardeners start planting tomatoes, peppers, corn

Fall appears with her fashion show of trees dressed in their finest colors, a sort of farewell to summer.The wooly bears begin to show their stripes and the predictions of the snowfall of winter begin. And soon, the color, White, will make it's presence known again.