Story Walk: skate

Story Walk: "skate"

101 by Betty Miller & Cheryl Smith

Cheryl Smith: Mrs. Miller, I’ve known you for about 18 years. Were you born in Rochester?

Betty Miller: No, I was born in Oneida, New York. My father had a canning business and in 1920, four canning companies in New York State merged, and so that brought us from Oneida, New York up to Rochester because the headquarters were the Temple building. And so in 1920, I moved to Rochester.

Cheryl Smith: What street did you grow up on?

Betty Miller: Culver Road, right near, fortunately, where I used to skate all winter long, I can’t understand it, because the Widewaters was frozen over, winter after winter, and so I did a lot of skating right there, and of course I loved being near Cobbs Hill because Fritz and I used to walk around the reservoir, walk in the woods, it was just a wonderful location. Oh, and then when there was a subway, I took the subway to work because they stopped at Culver Road and we lived just a short distance from there.

Cheryl Smith: I also ice skated at Widewaters.

Betty Miller: Did you?

Cheryl Smith: Yup, when I was growing up.

Betty Miller: That was fun. I suppose I couldn’t stand up on skates now, but I did a lot of skating, and living right nearby of course.

Cheryl Smith: Do you remember when the automobile first came on the scene?

Betty Miller: Yes, I do because I can remember riding in a horse and buggy. My father bought a car in 1918, a Hudson Super-Six and I was so impressed, I didn’t know what Super-Six meant but, so that was his first car. And it was an open car, you know, it was not a sedan, I don’t know as they had them then, and so they had side curtains that you put up on the side if it rained. And it had jump seats in the back. We thought it was wonderful. 

Cheryl Smith: You’ve seen a lot of changes.

Betty Miller: Oh, I should say so, and I’ve been lucky to have lived this long, and enjoy so many blessings, yup. Very fortunate. 

Cheryl Smith: What do you think was the most blessed time in your life?

Betty Miller: Being born, I guess, to two wonderful parents. Marrying Fritz, also having two wonderful boys. Healthy, bright boys. I’ve been blessed in so many ways, for which I’m grateful every day.