Story Walk: sequel

Story Walk: sequel

The Last Days of Silver Stadium by Kevin F. Yost

It was the early and mid-1990’s, my beloved Rochester Red Wings were about to get rid of my also-beloved Silver Stadium, with all the memories I cherished as a child and teenager were my parents and I would go to many of that team’s games there.

I attended, with my parents, every home game I could in 1995, what was supposed to be the “final season” there, as well as the following year, in what was called the “Final Season: The Sequel.” However, a slight reprieve due to difficulties in state funding and an arsonist who torched one of the vacant former industrial buildings at the site of where Frontier Field was being constructed and was supposed to become used as part of that stadium

I came home after the first Friday of my junior year of college, before the Labor Day weekend, to go to dinner and the last game at Silver with my parents and an elderly couple from across the street. Silver Stadium was more packed than I had seen it in a long time and the full six o’clock news crews from all three local television stations were broadcasting their newscasts live there. The Red Wings were playing against the Ottawa Lynx and would lose to them.

At nightfall, there was a full moon, which may have jinxed the Red Wings’ losing score. However, the moon was a bright red color, like a glass of Genny Red or Rohrbach Beer and later turned to silver. I feel it was to honor the “Red” Wings final game at “Silver” Stadium. My neighbor lady sitting next to me commented on how the moon looked like it had a face, with the way its craters were arranged. I feel that the moon’s “face” there that night was that of old Morrie Silver looking down on the game from Heaven.

After the game, the crowd, on motion by a City Council member, renamed part of Platt Street, where Frontier Field was located and where the new soccer team, the Rochester Rhinos had just moved into midseason, “Morrie Silver Way.” They played the old song, “There used to be a ball park here,” dug up home plate, showed on video that be placed at the new stadium, then turned out the lights for good, except for one remaining playoff game at Silver.