Story Walk: scale

Story Walk: "scale"

Wonderland by Loc Vu

Standing in Greece Ridge Mall, my eyes were hypnotized by the luxurious and fancy shops surrounding me. I was at the mall one week after we had arrived in Rochester from Vietnam. Walking into an entrance from a parking lot, I was impressed by the massive scale of the mall. Since the day i was born, i had not seen any mall such as big as this. Malls in Vietnam are like supermarkets in America such as Walmart or Wegmans. They are quite small and don't have so many shops.

I walked around, looking at people with curious eyes. I was lost in the crowd like a boy put in a mysterious forest which takes forever to walk through. My curious eyes kept pushing me to discover new things in this wonderland. Walking through the hallways of the mall, I suddenly stopped by a shoes store named "Foot Locker." I was attracted by the beautiful shoes. There were bunches of them, so many kinds of shoes that i could not tear my eyes away. I looked for soccer shoes and found a good pair of them for myself. Being satisfied from getting a nice pair of soccer shoes, i kept on walking and looking around. My feet were tired, but my mind did not want to stop walking.

It was one of the first of many differences i would experience. Even though I've been living in my new homeland for 2 years, the differences keep coming. I have a new life given by God. A new life with new things that are taking me so long to adapt to. But deep in my heart, i murmur thanks to God for the gift which he gave me. This new life has changed so many things inside of me. It helped me up, fed me new experiences and helped me stand on my own two feet.

I'm like a 2 year-old baby nourished and growing up by the challenges of life. The immenseness of America opens up many opportunities for people from all around the world. America is a land of dream, and Rochester is a piece of the wonderland.