Story Walk: place

Story Walk: "place"

Welcome to Rochester by Qin Li

Rochester was a place which I only had heard of but had never been there before. My brother had told me that Rochester is a clean, beautiful, peaceful and educational place which could only appear in the movies. Therefore, I decided to move from New York City to Rochester ten months ago, and I wanted to continue my education there. When I first arrived in Rochester, it was already 11:30 PM. Compared to New York City, Rochester is especially tranquil at night, and I could clearly hear my breathing. When I arrived at my new home in Rochester, which was my second home in the U.S. after coming from China, the neighbors were all asleep already. Nevertheless, the street lights were still lit for the dancing snowflakes, as if the snowflakes were saying to me, “Welcome to Rochester!” I closed my eyes for a moment and inhaled the cold and fresh air deeply, and said “Thanks” to those snowflakes. However, I still had a question mark in my mind about my brother’s description; for me, Rochester was just a mysterious place.

Two days later, I started my first day of school at Monroe Community College. As a freshman, I didn’t know anybody here, thus I needed to start my new life in Rochester. It’s always difficult for people to be in a new place. When I first came to New York City everyone seemed busy. Conversely, people in the Rochester are kinder and more enthusiastic. I can strongly remember during the second week of school, I was sitting in the library reading my ESL book called What is the What. I read each sentence out slowly and loudly in my heart. At the same time, I also heard a soft and kind voice said, “Hello”. Nobody replied. A few seconds later, the same voice said another sentence, “Can I sit here?” Still no one answered. I was curious about who was so rude that they didn’t reply to the girl, so I turned my head around to see. Then, I saw the girl was standing next to me. Suddenly, I felt so ashamed because I was that rude person. I replied, “Yes” with a little stutter. So, she sat down next to me, and we started making conversation. She was so enthusiastic and tried to help me out, and asked me many questions about the book and about my classes. She became my first friend in Rochester. She not only helped me with my grammar, but also taught me how to pronounce words correctly.

I feel so fortunate that I made the right decision to come to Rochester. And, I found out the answer to my question, what my brother had described about Rochester was not exaggerated, it’s really true. Rochester is a good place for people to live.