Story Walk: luxury

Story Walk: "luxury"

The Image City Photography Gallery by Dan Neuberger

Around 2003, I was approached by Ed Vesneski, a retired marketing professor from MCC (an art lover, but not a photographer), to discuss an idea of his: to create a photography gallery for Rochester, something he felt was missing from “The Imaging Center of the World.” In the beginning there were three of us working on this idea: Ed, Betsy Phillips, and I. Our goal was simple, to find a viable space for photographers—ourselves included—to exhibit their work. Ed Vesneske looked at space on Park Avenue and Monroe Avenue, but in both locations, parking was a problem. Then he found the perfect space on University Avenue at Oxford Street, in a building formerly used by the Rochester Police Department, and now owned by Paul Kramer, who had renovated the adjacent Flatiron Building.

We opened our doors in September 2005. In the beginning we accepted the almost certain fact that we would be losing money, at least for a while, and looked forward to a time when we might break even. We have just celebrated our fifth anniversary, and are the only strictly photography gallery in Rochester that has survived more than a year. My take on that is that the other galleries were, unfortunately, in a less desirable location. We are fully convinced that we have the perfect location—the heart of Artwalk, the Neighborhood of the Arts.

We are pleased with our success, and have made over 400 photographers happy, mostly from this region, but also from Paris, Israel, New York City, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, the West Indies, and Washington D.C. We’ve had excellent coverage, especially in the Democrat & Chronicle and the Rochester Business Journal, for which we are grateful. Our monthly receptions are fun, free, and average around 180 guests! The exhibitors are delighted, as are the visitors. We are achieving our goals and plan to continue.