Story Walk: grants

Story Walk: "grants"

Immigrating to the US. Rochester, NY, a wonderful place to live by Nannette Nocon

We were petitioned to immigrate to Rochester NY by my aunt Daisy who was a nurse at Strong and my uncle Amante who was an engineer at Kodak. They were also immigrants from the Philippines like us. When we moved here in 1976, my mother was widowed with five children ages 3 to 11. With my 2 cousins and grandmother, 11 of us lived in a 1200 square foot house with one bathroom. Our neighbors, teachers and friends helped us get established. My siblings and I put ourselves through college with part time jobs, school loans, scholarships and grants and today have terrific careers in various fields. Rochester is truly an American city where you can realize your dreams. You can start out with nothing but the willingness to study and work hard along with dreams for a better life, and actually have a better life. With all that the Rochester community has given us, we all do our best to help Rochester continue to be a place so that others can have a better life through education and the arts. Thank you Rochester!