Story Walk: defend

Story Walk: "defend"

Hurricane Agnes threatened RIT by Tom Kroon

The Mount Morris dam had held back all it could, but the Genesee was threatening the vast new campus they had only moved to 4 years before. All the rivers in the Southern Tier had flooded; towns were ruined, and people had died. For several seasons to come volunteers would be caravaning south to repair the damage done by the Chemung and the Chenango rivers. But now rising waters had finally made it north to Henrietta. The school feared that it was in line for the next disaster. Could it have been Don Alhart's entreaties that got me going that night? The TV news from the River Campus, aptly enough named, was alarming.

I roused my neighbor, a fellow student at the Divinity School and we fired up the Plymouth and headed out to shovel sand and sling bags of it on to trucks that carried it to the river's edge. It didn't last through the whole night, but the Campus was no more than soggy from rain when the emergency was over and the river had begun to recede.