Story Walk: bike

Story Walk: "bike"

MY 27” BLUE SCHWINN BIKE by Valerie R. Johnson

“DOG DAYS AFTERNOONS.” My Dad promised me a bike. This is what this story is all about. My brother had gotten a new bike. There were five of us. At some point we each got a new bike. It was my turn to get a new bike. I think I was twelve years old -1965. I was so excited-I still remember that summer just like it was yesterday.

And just for your information - I wasn’t getting a bike just because it was my birthday. It was just my turn to get a bike. Plain and simple. I must have been like a maniac that day waiting for my father to take me to get my bike. It was a beautiful summer day with the sun shining and the wind blowing in my hair. I was petite like my mom, about 5', if that. I had been eyeing that bike when we went to dinner at 1076 restaurant when my Dad got paid. Hoffman’s was right by 1076. They had the bikes all lined up – about 15 or 20 of them. They were in the big front picture window. There were a couple of girl bikes, you know with the “V” shape in the middle.

Finally, my Dad got home from work and we walked around to Hoffman’s to get my bike. My Dad picked out a 27” blue girl Schwinn bike. It had a blue and white seat and white rubber handle grips and had the word “Schwinn" in the V part of the bike. And, it said made in America. Outside the store –my Dad-he had to get me started on the bike. I peddled that bike all the way home, all the way around the block. I couldn’t stop because if I did -I couldn’t get back on. When I got home I had to get a big gray brick and put in the driveway- sideways to get on it and start riding again. All afternoon I bugged my brother’s and their friends to help me get on that bike. All summer I was happy. I rode that bike up and down the street every day-the whole summer. All the same, I was the happiest girl in the universe. By the way, I rode that bike until it dropped. I mean it literally broke in half. I’ll never forget my blue Schwinn bike.