Story Walk: barrels

Story Walk: "barrels"

Norton and Joseph, 1972 by Kay Whittenhauer

My mind's eye remembers sunny days in Rochester- flower gardens in bloom, perfectly edged lawns, and rain barrels filled to the brim.

Grandma, always pulling her metal collapsible shopping cart, and I, trying not to step on a crack lest I break my mother's back, walked everywhere. We walked to Richter’s to get kuchens, Bodner’s to get bread, and Hartmann’s to get sausage.

We walked around the corner to watch the Wings play at Silver Stadium...when we had tickets. If we didn’t have tickets we walked around the corner and sat on Uncle Emil’s and Aunt Katy’s front porch, listening to the roar of the crowd and then the delayed broadcast on the radio.

We walked up to Two Guys on Ridge Road, which was a long walk. My grandma and my aunt would always joke, “It used to be called Three Guys, but it took us so long to get there that one died while we were on our way.”

At Christmastime we took the bus to Midtown. Grandma always bought me Fanny Farmer’s candy, a two-in-one balloon, and a ride on the monorail. She always planned it so we’d be there at noon so we could see all the nations open on the clock.

Midtown, Silver Stadium, Two Guys, and even Grandma are all gone now. But in my mind's eye they live on.