Story Walk: bakery

 Mr. Eastman Would Like to See You 
by Mike Calabrese

My grandfather, Anthony Calabrese, and his brother Andy started a bakery called Calabrese Culver Bakery on Culver Road. I know they were there for approximately 75 years.

The story goes that every Saturday George Eastman’s limo driver would bring Mr. Eastman to the bakery and his driver would go in to pick up bagels, usually kugans, and my grandfather would walk out to say hi and good morning to Mr. Eastman. They were on a first name basis, and this happened Saturday after Saturday for I don’t know how many years.

One Saturday, the driver pulled up, came inside and told my grandfather to go out to the car because Mr. Eastman would like to introduce him to someone. My grandfather walked out, and George Eastman opened the car door. There sitting with him was Thomas Edison.

My grandfather was also invited to opening of Eastman Theater in 1921. That was a big deal for an Italian in Rochester in the 1920s. My grandfather went, of course. He said it was one of the proudest days of his life.