Story Walk: "arrived"

Story Walk: "arrived"

Growing up in Rochester by Ayten Turkistanli

When I came here I was 23 years old. This is where I had lived all my firsts; first separation from my land of birth, first home, first baby and first heart ache. Most importantly this is where I learned to grow up.

August 9 2004.The sun was smiling to at us. I was living an apartment with my husband. In this city we were just two people. My apartment was old and little bit of mess but this didn’t bother me because it belonged to us. From my three bedroom apartment windows I could just see a little of East Main Street. There were only a few people and cars. Rochester was calm and quiet as usual. it was an ordinary day for everybody, but me.

When I was arrived at to Rochester General Hospital, I saw that the hospital was queerly quiet, empty and lonely. The corridors were large and shiny. It seemed like a rest home. Everyone was calm doing their work, except a few doctors were running around. Maybe other areas of hospital were crowded but the birth center was completely different. It was so strange for me because in my country, Turkey, the hospitals are always crowded and noisy. This time was my landmark. It was a special day, beside this, it was very hard and painful day. I was felling lonely like this big hospital. Also I was feeling so excited.

During this time, the nurse treated me very well. She was an exceedingly kind person. She was a typical American, brown curly hair and brown glasses. In addition, she had a big smile on her face. Just looking at her face gave me confidence. And just few hours later I was holding a wonderful being in my arms. This is impossible to describe. I am very lucky person, as I become a mom. This baby is so precious in my life she is the light of my life. I was to meet the miracle of my life in this big hospital. Rochester gave me a light.

After 5 Years later I received the most painful news. I learned exactly the meaning of desperation. Last December I lost my father. At that time I was very angry about living in Rochester because it is so far away from my motherland I couldn’t reach my family quickly. When I went to Turkey everything was done, so I couldn’t see my father’s face for the last time. I had to grow up in Rochester; I had to accept that Rochester become my home.