School of Nardo di Cione

The artist did not sign this finished artwork. In order to identify the artist, scholars closely examined this painting, looking for details similar to those found in other paintings.

Based on their findings, experts attribute this painting to the School of Nardo di Cione (NAR-doh dee CHOH-nay). This means that the painting may be the work of Nardo di Cione himself in combination with his students or assistants, or the work of another artist who studied or copied Nardo’s painting style.

Nardo di Cione (Italian, active 1343 – 1365/66) was a painter, sculptor and architect active during the mid-1300s in Florence, Italy.  His three brothers Andrea, Matteo and Jacopo also became successful artists; Andrea and Nardo went on to share a Florence workshop and collaborate on several projects.