Read the Fable

The Fable of the Fox and the Crane by Aesop

Once upon a time, there was a Fox who decided to play a trick on his friend the Crane.  He invited Crane over for dinner, but served soup poured into a broad, flat dish.  Fox lapped up his soup easily with his tongue, but Crane, unable to scoop up the soup with her long, pointed bill, went home hungry. Fox laughed and laughed at his clever trick.

Then Crane decided that Fox needed to be taught a lesson.  The next day, she thanked Fox for a lovely time, and invited him to come have dinner with her. Fox accepted the invitation with delight, and arrived hungry and eager.  However, Crane served dinner in a tall jar with a long narrow neck.  Crane easily dipped her bill into the jar and enjoyed her dinner, but Fox, with his short snout, could not even begin to reach in to eat.

What is the moral of this story?

Some say, “One bad turn deserves another.” Others say, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” a lesson known as the Golden Rule.