Poets Walk:"fly due south"

Poets Walk: "fly due south"

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Christmas Reading by Bruce Sweet

I am reading Dylan Thomas

to a group of advent people

on the second floor

of Writers & Books Inc

irreligious snow

and close and holy darkness

shiver the listeners and me

I think I hear

my mother ask for candles

at the window and a word

about the blazing pudding

hiding in the kitchen

by the cat

my father rumbles under

red balloons holding up

the parlor ceiling

I turn the page

and wish I were on Hudson

Street with Dylan

drinking ale and singing

hot and bawdy songs

to celebrate the waitress

and the chef


a small dry eggshell voice

from the other side of the door

reverberates inside my skull

until the silence shatters

with applause

I snatch up the text

leap out the nearest

window hover over

Eastman House

fly due south

toward the White Horse Tavern

Bruce Sweet, "Christmas Reading" from Archeology (Foothills, 2003). Used by permission of the author.