Poets Walk: "yellow tatters"

Poets Walk: "yellow tatters"

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Invitation to Tea by Kitty Jospé

I have mopped up the rain that leaked

in to polish the stone floor—

You won’t slip.

I have wiped steam off the window.

You can see fog over the cornfield—

it hides the fried edges of summer.

And the sheen of two crows—

the raw cut of their caw

combs the mist up to my garden.

I have raked yellow tatters of grapeleaf

fallen under the sumac whose tossle of red

bustles stubborn leaf into

a splash of feather.

Have some tea. Memory steeps in the pot,

steams through mint leaves.

I see your lip polishing silence

as you sip.

Kitty Jospe, "Invitation to Tea" from Le Mot Juste (Foothills Publishing, 2008). Used by permission of the author.