Poets Walk: "white figure"

Poets Walk: "white figure"

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The Logic of Death by Dane Gordon

When the battle is over

and the field is still

the differences between

those who lie there

are reduced to quiet


They lie (we say) in


That is what they

fought for.

But could it have been


other than by death?

When we ask them

they don't answer.

They are dead.

We are alive.

We can ask ourselves,

perhaps even answer.

But enmeshed in our

self-conflicted life

we do not know.

Could we,

could we leap forward

to the peace of


and bring it back?

Could we carry it in

our arms

like a white figure,

and place it gently

at the heart of

our life?

Then we might live

as if our animosities

were over.

Then we might be

at peace.

Or is the logic of

death the only way

to find what eludes

us in the illogic

of life?

Dane Gordon, "The Logic of Death" from The Logic of Death (Foothills Publishing, 2009). Used by permission of the author.