Poets Walk: "voices rise up"

Poets Walk: "voices rise up"

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Tell them I'm struggling to sing with angels by David Meltzer

Tell them I'm struggling to sing with angels who hint at it in

black words printed on old paper gold edged by time.

Tell them I wrestle the mirror every morning.

Tell them I sit here invisible in space; nose running, coffee cold,

& bitter.

Tell them I tell them everything & everything is never enough.

Tell them I'm davening & voices rise up from within to startle children.

Tell them I walk off into the woods to sing.

Tell them I sing loudest next to waterfalls.

Tell them the books get fewer, words go deeper, some

take months to get through.

Tell them there are months when it's all perfect; above

'n' below, it's perfect, even in moments in between where

Sparks in space (terrible, beautiful sparks in space)

are merely metaphors for the void between

one pore and another.

David Meltzer, From "The Fire" from David's Copy: The Selected Poems of David Meltzer. Used by permission of the author.