Poets Walk: "under the neon"

Poets Walk: "under the neon"

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Nighthawks by John Logan

after Hopper’s Painting

A thick man with his back to us squats at the counter.

The blonde white-capped cook lingers by the complicated

aluminum coffee machine, and he does not look

at his three customers or us.

The hated, hook-nosed man facing us

looks straight ahead, and the woman

next to him stares at what she eats.

Most of the café is empty.

It is garish under the neon light where details

abound: the sign for only five-cent Phillies cigars,

the glass salt and pepper shakers,

tie around the neck of the cook.

All folks seem utterly alone,

and yet the hands of the man and woman facing us

approach each other, almost touch.

From John Logan: The Collected Poems." Copyright © 1989 by the John Logan Literary Estate, Inc. Used by permission of BOA Editions, Ltd., www.boaeditions.org.