Poets Walk: "trees weld earth"

Poets Walk: "trees weld earth"

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Winter Landscape by Judith Kitchen

Beyond the rail fence, horses

            stand nose to the wind. They might

as well be statues. Everywhere,

everywhere we look, trees weld earth

to a flat white sky. The car

moves between these walls of white,

accepting the vagaries of wind,

            drifts that swirl in to catch us up

in moments of forgetfulness.

Let us believe the impossible. Let us

               slide between two griefs so easily

               they seem remote as history. This

is the meaning of white—a day

               so cold, so undemanding, that the

               heart itself lies briefly still.

Judith Kitchen, "Winter Landscape" from Perennials (Anhinga Press) Originally in The Seneca Review. Used by permission of the poet.