Poets Walk: "to burn the air"

Poets Walk: "to burn the air"

Location on Poets Walk Map: 34

Creation Stories by Tom Holmes

after W. S. Merwin & Rob Carney

In one creation

    the volcanoes invented

    clouds for the sky

In the next creation

    the clouds invented rain

In the following creations

    the plants received the rain

    & invented the air

    for us to breathe

    to create simple fires

    to sit around

& air invented our voices

    so we could tell stories

    of the creations

In the last creations

we invented complexes

    of invisible fires

    & began to burn the air

we created consuming

    of all the water

we invented counting backwards

    for the clouds

    disappearing one by one

we invented kissing

    the eyes to drink tears

we invented the caress

    with our tongues

    to lap up sweat

we invented the embrace

    of our families & neighbors

    for the rituals we invented

    that would feed them

    to the volcanoes

Tom Holmes, "Creation Stories" from MO: Writing from the River, Volume 2, Issue 1 (Spring 2007). Used by permission of the author.