Poets Walk: "reels and rolls"

Poets Walk: "reels and rolls"

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Rochester Rhythms by Vincent F.A. Golphin

City strains’ etch riffs, spur thoughts of

home along the Genesee, as its frozen

Faces hang in the folds of my mind, heart and spirit,

Like photographs in the house where George lives.

Rochester reels and rolls in my ears year-round,

Yet blossoms -- bursts beautiful -- in the warm months

like the sweet lilac scent in Highland Park. Art there

boasts no reason, other than the soul’s fruit must show His wonders.

Genius once spilled on the ear from Jazzberry’s, the Pythod, Doug Dukes, Shep’s and The Ridgecrest, and still holds court at Kilbourn Hall, and rebounds

in Jazzfest pilgrimages, while those who know Calloway and Mangione

never let go of the rhythmic richness of that legacy in this town.

Vincent F. A. Golphin, "Rochester Rhythms" from Ten Stories Down (Foothills Press). Used by permission of the author.