Poets Walk: "on dark roads"

Poets Walk: "on dark roads"

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Driving by Wanda Schubmehl

Driving, fast, through darkness.

The road dipping into valleys, white fog

filling the car, the road rising again into darkness

warm and scented. Driving fast,

with the top down, letting the air rush.

Driving fast on dark roads, taking the turns

fast, not having to think about

what comes next. Finding the landscape

familiar, its shadows anticipated, lights

in the distance where there should be lights.

Claiming the roads, not losing the way

when the cold damp fog closes in.

Blowing through the fog, tires steady

on the pavement, staying fast on the road.

Coming out of the valley, up the side of a hill

with the road behind and the road ahead,

driving fast in the dark, small lights pinpoint

on the hills, starlight pinpoint in the sky.

Driving the roads of the body, the roadmap

drawn on the body at birth, driving fast

and sure through white fog and black night.

Knowing the shadows.

Keeping the top down.

Calm, leaning into the curves.

Wanda Schubmehl, "Driving" from Le Mot Juste (2010), Foothills Publishing. Used by permission of the author.