Poets Walk: "mock/ growl, leap"

Poets Walk: "mock/ growl, leap"

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Biopsy by Patricia Roth Schwartz

After three leaden turns of no-sun, it comes:

one call splits the rest of your life off

    from the whole like a calf from a glacier. Even

so the kitchen’s full of light and the scent

of vanilla and apple. The dog’s dancing at

the door ahead of her walk down the neighboring

road where she’s got a friend, another dog whose

name you don’t know. Along the ditch at the cornfield’s

sere edge, where silver-bellied birds gorge on fallen

stalks, you watch the two of them mock/ growl, leap,

play/ fight, frolic, as if there were no before or after.

Patricia Roth Schwartz,"Biopsy" from Le Mot Juste (2009). Reprinted by permission of the author.