Poets Walk: "in thy spirit"

Poets Walk: "in thy spirit"

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Passage from A Fragment by Sarah J. Lippincott

That in thy spirit shall upspring for ever!

Twinned with thy soul, it lived in thy first thoughts, —

It haunted with strange dreams thy boyish years,

And colored with its deep, empurpled hue

The passionate aspirations of thy youth.

Go, take from June her roses, — from her streams

The bubbling fountain-springs, — from life take love, —

Thou hast its all of sweetness, bloom, and strength.

    There is a grandeur in the soul that dares

To live out all the life God lit within, —

That battles with the passions hand to hand,

And wears no mail, and hides behind no shield, —

That plucks its joy in the shadow of death’s wing, —

That drains with one deep draught the wine of life,

And that with fearless foot and heaven-turned eye

May stand upon a dizzy precipice,

High o’er the abyss of ruin, and not fall!