Poets Walk: "how he got out"

Poets Walk: "how he got out"

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Holy Pictures by Finvola Drury

They turn up on the street

outside Bell’s or Fay’s

the little gold-edged cards

of childhood

Mother’s face and Savior’s

muddied or tire-marked

I pick them up


wishing the faithful

were a little more careful

I wonder how he got out

St. Anthony

into the middle of the

parking lot

at least they don’t appear

in the mailbox

or on the porch steps

on my way in

to write poetry

unlike the daily messenger

who sometimes dropped

Joel Clay Brauchi (Missing)

from Smyrna, Tennessee

at the side door

all dusty and dirty

you can imagine the weather



on the backside

Finvola Drury, "Holy Pictures" from Burning the Snow (Rochester: Landers & Francis, 1990). Used by permission of the poet.