Poets Walk: "flare porous"

Poets Walk: "flare porous"

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Tableau: 6:30 AM by Kath M. Anderson

He holds her to him, her sleepy weight nearly his,

as she once was part of mine, his gaze on her making weightless

the dark and their sometimes battles.

(Before I knew him well, we stood once on frozen ground

and watched the Northern Lights glide from below

the arc of the earth and flare porous into glass-black air--

--his face is again unfamiliar and intimate at once,

a stranger’s picked out of a crowd in a moment of idle desire

that makes its own kind of purity:

the sleepy sky-surface face of our daughter and rough ground of his look

who bends over her in a gesture as protective as the one stillness makes

of a willow’s bowed branches.) Some things they have to give each other

are given just then, parts of his past, the unphrased wealth

of her three-year old dreams, the burning pearls, the seagulls’ passage,

riches fed into the bloodstream, tempers, minerals returned

to the pale morning, the rudimentary sunlight.

Kath M. Anderson, "Tableau: 6:30 AM" from Poetry (June 1997). Copyright © 1997 by Kath Anderson. Used by permission of the author. This poem was written on Arlington Street in Rochester.