Poets Walk: fallow-field strown

Poet's Walk: fallow-field strown

Location on Poets Walk Map: 61

Passage from The Old Indian Orchard by WHC Hosmer

Old burial-places, once sacred, are plundered,

  And thickly with bones is the fallow-field strown;

The bond of confederate tribes has been sundered,

  The long council-hall of the brave overthrown.

The Mohawk and Seneca bowmen no longer

  Preserve at the door-posts unslumbering guard:

We fought, but the pale-browed invaders were stronger,

  Our knife-blades too blunt, and their bosoms too hard.

From "The Poetical Works of William H.C. Hosmer, Volume I," Redfield Publishing Company, 1854, page 250.