Poets Walk: erosion, tide and ice

Poet's Walk: "erosion, tide and ice"

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Signature Upon Rock by Elizabeth Stanton Hardy

What years of slow erosion, tide and ice

Channeled across this ante-glacial stone!

What eons ground, minutely and precise

The drift of stardust into flesh and bone,

Centuries hence some paleontologist will

Pick this proud civilization like a rock,

And say, ‘From mollusk stemmed the race, until

There spawned this strange breed kenneled in the rock.

‘They lived a million chiliads ago,

After the Java man, the Piltdown branch;

Leaving clean cut, a chaste intaglio

Under the shale and granite avalanche.’

‘Pointed with haste, look, how a rush of feet

Have left their print. What hunger drove these men?

See how these footsteps climb a fossil street

Only to turn and hurry back again.”