Poets Walk: beside a bright fire

Poets Walk: "beside a bright fire"

Location on Poets Walk Map: 86

A Woman and Her Dog by Stephan Lewandowski

A woman and her dog are sitting in the moon.

Beside a bright fire, she embroiders

with porcupine quills.

Over the fire hangs a pot

in which stew boils.

Once in a while

the pot boils over and

the woman gets up to stir it.

When she does

the dog unravels all her work.

This is the way it goes,

Embroidering and unraveling.

Should she ever finish her work

that would be the end of the world.

"A Woman and her Dog" is from Poacher. Copyright © 1986 by Stephen Lewandowski. Used with the permission of White Pine Press, www.whitepine.org.