Poets Walk: at the ballet

Poets Walk: "at the ballet"

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Touched by Deborah Tall

At the ballet,

a woman sits down beside me,

sticks her hands on my pregnant belly, says,

"How are we tonight?"

Her embarrassed teenage daughter sinks

into the next seat

while you let loose

with a few good thumps.

I don't know why I tell you this-

you seemed to enjoy at least the music

and you'll soon meet many faces like that woman's

coming at you uninvited.

But I want you to know

how sad it made me-

this first time you were touched by someone

who wasn't going to love you.

Deborah Tall, "Touched" from Summons. Copyright © 2000 by Deborah Tall. Used by permission of Sarabande Books, www.sarabandebooks.org