Poets Walk: "and to those"

Poets Walk: "and to those..."

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From Gratitude

by Cornelius Eady

            And to those

                                          who defend poetry

                                          against all foreign tongues:


      And to those who believe

                                              a dropped clause

                                              signifies encroachment:


      And to the bullies who need

                                                 the musty air of

                                                 the clubhouse

All to themselves:

                           I am a brick in a house

                                                              that is being built

                                                              around your house.

I’m 36 years old,

                       a black, American poet.

                                                          Nearly all the things

                                                          that weren’t supposed to occur

Have happened, (anyway),

                                          and I have

                                                        a natural inability

                                                        to sustain rage,


           the evidence.

                              I have proof,

                              and a job that comes

As simple to me

                        as breathing.

Cornelius Eady, from "Gratitude:" from The Gathering of My Name. Copyright © 1991 by Cornelius Eady. Used by permission of Carnegie Mellon University Press, www.cmu.edu/universitypress.