Poets Walk: a riot, hear?

Poets Walk: "A riot, hear?"

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Blues' Jazz Interlude by Grace Flores

Jazz Interlude

It was a Riot

It was

Little bodies ran up, down streets

While Jazz swung in beat

Blacks knew Blues and when it played

Somehow made it ok

No segregation here

On this street no place

We couldn’t go. Snuffy’s, Lippa’s Laundry, Dan’s and The Drum and Bugle Corp blow!

Mildred brought B.B., to The Pythod that jazz flowed in

Bobby, Willie n ‘em sat in. Making noise shufflin' puffs. beat'n paper in the streets for all us

Turned the light on darker corners

feet hustled to all that stuff

Clubbin’ like "a lil Harlem"

Jazz Interlude

Front of the bus

children n Charlie Parker played Be-Bop,

with Coltrane plus boons

Blew noise A riot, hear? A riot fo' sure

of Improvisational proportions.

feel the fire of Blues hue


"Helicopter down right outside!", be bop be pop crash!

on Clarissa’s pad.

Lombardi showed but not cousin

Joseph Ave, Black Panthers and Baden St cross-town

Couldn’t come

See they were havin’ a riot too!

It was a riot I tell you

A Riot fo’ sure! ... ask ‘em

How our paper corners had lines.

brought noise ... then burned in the streets

Blacks and Blues hue suppose a riot fo' sho

with a Jazz interlude

of sorts.

Grace Flores, "Blues' Jazz Interlude." Used by permission of the poet.