Painting Bridges

A review of a 1912 exhibition of Lie’s urban landscapes in The Craftsman said:

“We saw that Mr. Lie had been studying Brooklyn Bridge...that he had been along  the New York water front; that he had been watching men at the beginning of their day’s labor and at the end of it; that he had seen the wharfs of New York in sunlight and in fogs; that he had noticed the great crowds on the bridge and the keeping in order of the great bridge for the crowds; that he had enjoyed the changes of the great shadowy city in every kind of weather....His bridges rest on solid foundations and they are splendid mathematical constructions.  The water in the harbor and on the rivers about the city flows over vast unknown tracks of supporting earth, and the steamers and the little ships on the current of the water rest there securely, and yet from time to time you feel the sense of their movement on the undulating surface.”