Mrs. Henry A. Strong

Collector Hattie M. Strong (1864-1950) led a rags-to-riches life which included several years in Tacoma, Washington, and in Skagway, Alaska.  She was born in Connecticut in 1864 and moved to Tacoma with her first husband in 1888.  Their son was born in 1892.

When her marriage failed in 1897, she moved to Alaska during the Gold Rush hoping to support herself and her son.  After several years, the struggle to earn a living in such rugged circumstances affected her health and she returned to the continental US, first to Tacoma, and later to California, where in 1905 she met and married Henry Alvah Strong, president of Eastman Kodak Company.  Strong was a wealthy widower 25 years older.  He adopted her son, and as his wife Hattie Strong lived in considerable luxury.

During her later years, Mrs. Strong became a philanthropist, receiving many honors at home and abroad.  Argonaut, a fictionalized account of her early years, was written by Honore Morrow in 1933.

In 1922 Mrs. Strong donated this bowl and a collection of Native American baskets from the Pacific Northwest to the Gallery.