Mourner's Niche: Artists

The tomb of Philip the Bold was the work of three different artists.

Jean de Marville (Flemish, active 1366 - 1389)

 Marville, as the official court sculptor for Philip the Bold, designed the entire tomb. He also carved the arcade, including this fragment. Marville worked on the tomb project from 1381 until his death in 1389.

Claus Sluter  (Netherlandish, 1360 - ca. 1406)

As Marville's primary workshop assistant, Sluter took over the tomb project and the position of court sculptor after Marville's death. Sluter is recognized today as one of the greatest late Medieval sculptors.

After Sluter’s death, his nephew and principal assistant Claus de Werve (active 1396 -1439) finally completed the tomb project in 1414, ten years after Duke Philip’s death.