Jackie Ferrara

Jackie Ferrara is represented in collections and outdoor installations around the country. MAG's former director Grant Holcomb encountered her work in the Stuart Collection at the University of California at San Diego. On that website, Ferrara’s work is described in this way:   “Jackie Ferrara has designed and built courtyards, terraces, and architectural structures since the early 1970s. Ferrara is one of several artists who emerged during the seventies by using the forms and materials usually associated with architecture in order to enrich the definition of sculpture and challenge the assumptions and conventions of the typical built environment. Ferrara's complexly patterned paved areas, based on a grid system, transform bland outdoor plazas or indoor lobbies into animated spaces which help to enliven or accentuate their architectural context.”

Ferrara’s projects are complex and dramatically scaled.  At the University of Minnesota and University of Connecticut, Ferrara is represented by 40 and 60 foot towers. A 106-foot long granite amphitheater is sited on the campus of Los Angeles County Museum of Art. 24,000 square feet of brick walls with 18 niches create the courtyard walls and the plaza wall at Cityplace and the CN Tower in Toronto.