Find in the Sculpture Park

Look closely and see what you can find on the Gallery's grounds.  

  • the initials of James G. Averell. How was he important to MAG?
  • the University of Rochester's motto, Meliora. What does Meliora mean? Can you find it on a building? on a fence
  • the University flower, the dandelion. Can you find more dandelions inside? Can you watch a poem in American Sign Language?
  • Morse Code—Can you find the phrases "Memorial Art Gallery" and "University of Rochester" in Morse Code? what other Morse Code can you find?
  • Creation Myth's bronze figures—how many can you find?
  • signs of the zodiac—what technique was used to paint them?
  • lions—ones that are on the grounds and ones that aren't?
  • penguins