Description: The Visit

Beneath a half-dead tree, two riders have stopped their horses.  A woman, elegantly dressed in pink gown, striped petticoats, and feathered hat, sits side-saddle on a white horse. She turns back toward a male companion riding a brown horse. At the base of the tree, a young mother nurses a baby, with two small dogs playing at her feet. Another man, bearded and dressed in slouch hat and coat, sits between her and a donkey, still wearing a bridle and loaded with an empty baby basket.

At the far left, a timber-frame house emerges from the greenery beneath a darkening sky. To the right beyond the tree, a wide river flows past grazing cows, fishermen with their boats, and clumps of trees, through grassy fields. A larger white-walled building with blue pointed turret tops pokes above the trees in the distance, where an arched bridge crosses the river. The view stretches on to low, forested hills on the horizon, where clouds begin to build up in the wide expanse of the sky. 

  • Artist: Jean-Baptiste Le Prince, French, 1734—1781
  • Created: 1779 
  • Credit Line: Marion Stratton Gould Fund; and Mr. and Mrs. E. Lewis Burnham, Edith Holden Babcock Bequest, and Bertha Buswell Bequest, by exchange, 77.102