Description: Standing Woman

This bronze nude sculpture was commissioned, or ordered from the artist, by collectors in New York City. It stood on the fireplace mantel in the library of their home. The artist wrote:  "[I] composed the figure in a spirit of tranquil elevation, harmonious to the purpose of the room." The life-size figure is not entirely unclothed; she has very sheer and filmy fabric draped across her body and around her back and arms. The sculpture was made to stand against a wall. If you peer carefully around the edge toward the back of the sculpture, you can see that most of it was left flat.

  • Artist: Gaston Lachaise, American, 1882–1935
  • Created: 1928
  • Credit Line: Gift of Mr. Peter Iselin and his sister, Mrs. Emilie I. Wiggin, 73.75