Description: Portrait of a Caesar

Carved from marble in relief, a technique of shallow-carving into a surface, and fitted into a gilt wooden frame, this portrait displays a man in profile. He wears decorative armor in the style of ancient Rome, with lion heads at the shoulder. His head is crowned with a wreath, the ends of the strings waving at the back of his neck.

Long mistaken for a Corsini family portrait, this sculpture copies an imaginary portrait of one of the Twelve Caesars, the first emperors of Rome. The powerful Medici family of Florence commissioned the original "Caesar" series, possibly as a comment on their own political dynasty.

  • Artist: Circle of Gregorio di Lorenzo, Italian, active 1461—1473
  • Created: ca. 1470—1500
  • Credit Line: Given in memory of Inez D'Amanda Barnell by her friends, 65.8