Description: Millennium Bench

Shortly before the year 2000, MAG Director Grant Holcomb invited sculptor Albert Paley to create a bench to honor the new millenium.  Recently, the bench has been re-sited at the University Avenue entrance to the Centennial Sculpture Park.  It is a resting place on Poets Walk and also provides a hint of the artistic treasures that await the visitor in the nearby green space.

Recognizably "Paley" with its interlocking and massed steel forms, the bench is at once functional and sculptural, expressive of the range of this masterful artist's work.  Organic shapes, like the hand or palm leaf emerging from the back of the bench, combine with geometric elements like the circles and the slotted spots, creating a whirl of visual activity.

  • Artist: Albert Paley, American, b. 1944
  • Created: 2000
  • Credit Line: Gift of Nancy R. Turner, 2000.19