Description: Grave Stele

Only about two-thirds of this upright, engraved slab, called a stele, remains intact, but that fragment hints at a poignant story. At the left stands a young woman, dressed in a tunic and draped shawl, her hair twisted and bound up in a fashionable ancient style. She holds her left hand up in a loose fist, as if she once held an object. With her right hand she grasps the hand of a bearded man. The break in the stele eliminates all but his hand and his head, but from the placement we can be sure that he is seated, receiving the woman’s greeting.  The scene is framed in an architectural setting of two simple columns topped with a typical ancient roofline; a peaked pediment with the remains of rounded decorative ornaments at the edges.

  • Culture: Greek; From Salamis
  • Created: 300s BCE 
  • Credit Line: Helen Barrett Montgomery Bequest, 36.54