Description: Galaxy

Galaxy captures the essence of Fritz Trautmann’s scientific and mystical approach to color.  Despite appearances, not a single drop of black paint was used, as the artist believed it dampened the natural vibrations of color. Focusing on what he considered the four primary colors (rather than the traditional three), Trautmann wrote, “Each globe of Galaxy – whether red or blue or yellow or white – is composed of EXACTLY THE SAME ELEMENTS.  The entire spectrum wraps itself, so to speak, around each globe with unvarying uniformity.  Warm red plays across the field from the left, uniformly striking all the spheres; bright yellow streams down from above, lightning up all the top sides; cold blue comes in from the right, and deep violet rises from the bottom.”  Look closely, and you will notice that Trautmann hand painted these colors onto the frame as well.

  • Artist: Fritz Trautmann, American, 1882-1971
  • Created: 1942
  • Credit Line: Marion Stratton Gould Fund, 56.65